Apr 042018

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Jul 302013

The end of an era in Inverclyde when after 40 or so years the Inverkip Power station chimney was felled. This sequence of shots of the  were taken at 22.00 on July 28 2013 from Innellan.

Feb 082013

A nice array of colours and textures…. Date taken : 07 Feb 2013

Innellan Sunrise 07 Feb 2013

Apr 052012

Dunoon Pier (b/w). Date taken : 1 March 2006.

Dunoon Pier

Mar 262012

Innellan Sunrise. Date taken: 20 Oct 2011.

Innellan Sunrise

Mar 102012

Reflections on Loch Goil. Date Taken: 10 Nov 2010.

Reflections, Loch Goil, Argyll

Feb 162012

Tarbert, Argyll, Reflections. Date taken : 4th Sept 2011.

Tarbert, Argyll, Harbour Reflections

Feb 092012

PS. Waverley on Clyde. Date taken: 2nd July 2011.

PS Waverley on Clyde

Feb 062012

Textured skies, Innellan. Date taken: 27 Nov 2005.

textured skies, Innellan

Feb 042012

Calanais standing stones, Isle of Lewis. Date Taken : 15 July 2008.

Calanais standing stones, Isle of Lewis

Feb 032012

Love and hisses. Date taken 22nd August 2011. (no photographer or cats were injured during the taking of this image!)

cat growling

Feb 022012

Winter trees in silhouette at Loch Eck. Date taken : 14 Nov 2010.

winter trees, Loch Eck, Argyll